Dating hjemmesider Lolland

Here you can also spice up your beach holiday, with an inspiring stroll in the cosy fishing village, where the atmosphere is guaranteed to make your holiday spirits rise.

You can buy fresh fish and shellfish along the canal.

Korsør is a cosy town by the sea, with all that term cosy stands for: A coastline with many exiting nature experiences; you can row, dive, windsurf, fish and sail.

Also Korsør has a varied and lively cultural life with concerts, events, exhibits and the world’s oldest cinema.

dating hjemmesider Lolland

and your family can have lots of laughs, adrenaline kicks and happy times in this amusement park.The red-painted, half-timbered, house just opposite the tower, comes from 1826, and was originally built to store gun carriages.The house has served as hostel and museum through the years.Since 1997, parts of the fort have been used as a setting for art exhibitions during the summer, organized in cooperation with the Visual Artists' Association.The exhibitions have a focus on painting, graphics, sculptures, video as well as arts and crafts.

Dating hjemmesider Lolland

Bon Bon Land also offers lovely natural surroundings with possibilities for full relaxation.You can choose from a range of restaurants and cafés, e.g.Here awaits lots of super fun amusements for both children and adults. dating hjemmesider Lolland-13 You only have to pay the entry fee, then all the amusements are free.Experience an open estate that is happy to show off their animals and fields. Finally taste the result in our dairy shop, where you, besides the Manor’s own products, also can find products from other regional farms.

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